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About Us

We want to help SEDA (science, engineering, design & art) researchers find their way in the muddy landscape of collaboration. We want to act as a meeting-point for disparate fields, to bring people together with singular goal of making, creating, and achieving. We want to facilitate creation of new ways of knowing, being, and seeing. We want to orient creators and researchers globally as a beacon of open-access publishing, cutting-edge art, and world-leading research.

Trigonometrical points (trig points) are global way-markers, typically found at higher altitudes in rural landscapes. Once used to create topological understanding of the natural environment and land boundaries, they are now often used as way-finders to orient people in the natural landscape. They were used to help build maps of landscapes, to help people make sense of the world. Trig points are unmoving, stoic, resilient, and act as beacons across unforgiving landscapes.
(Photo: Ed Fielden,
Drawings: Siena DeBartolo)

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