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Collaboration Calls 

Do you have a cross-disciplinary research or a collaborative project proposal in mind? Get your collaboration call featured here.

You can also become a collaborator or a participant in the calls featured here by connecting to those involved via Directory

We have just launched. You can find the list of current collaboration calls here. 
Vertical Forest, a nature-based enterprise is looking for an individual with interest in biodesign to join a small team of three for partaking in Glasgow’s Nature-Based Accelerator 10 week programme.

‘The Nature-Based Accelerator, developed by Good Ideas and Glasgow City Council’s H2020 Connecting Nature project, is a pilot programme to support early-stage impactful nature-based business and social enterprise that could make a positive environmental, social, and economic change in Glasgow.’

You can contact Kimia or Vertical Forest to find out what the small team are planing for this call.

A few of us from the Directory are in comunication for deconnvluting the scientific jargons from ‘Recent Advances in Engineered Microbial Technologies for the Construction Industry‘ artcile co-authored by Emmanuel, Fiona and Kimia that was recently published in Young Researchers' Forum V : Innovation in Construction Materials.

We would like to explore different means of communication and research outputs for making scinetific contents of this article more accessible to the wider public.
If you are interested in this call and would like to become a collaborator, please email us here. So far, those of us involved in this call are Bahareh, Iona, Emmaneul, Emily, Fiona, Siena and Kimia.
Screen Dysmorphia 
The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in increased screen-time and use of video calls as a means of communication for personal and professional needs.

We have initiated a project to study the impact video calls and ‘Screen Dysmorphia’ have on eating behaviour, body-/self-image, physical activity levels, and mental health.

The team currently includes Bahareh (approaching from a nutrition perspective), Karen Hicks (approaching from a public health perspective), Christos Theodorakopoulos and Jane Culpan (approaching from a physical activity and body image perspective) and Kimia (non-verbal communication facilitator).

We are keen for an individual with a background in psychology to join our team. If you are interested, you can contact Bahareh or leave us a note of interest here.


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