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Directory of Collaborators

Let’s start colaborating! Here you can explore the Trig Point directory to find experts, professionals and enthusiasts across multiple disciplines. 

Are you are looking for someone with expertise in your area of interest to collaborate with? Do you have a great idea but need some expert insight? Do you want to find like-minded people for your team? Do you want to explore the possibilities that can arise from exchanging ideas? 

Add your name and contact details to our directory so others can find you.

Guidelines for contacting collaborators:
  • We hope to provide a professional space to facilitate dialogues and collaborations, please be mindful of collaborative and online etiquette. 
  • Trig Point hopes to bring diverse points of view together. Please consider other viewpoints with tolerance; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align.
  • This is a product of voluntary participation and we have created a community of care, so please be mindful of people’s time.

Simplified tags based on ‘bio’:

- Social Sciences
- Natural Sciences
- Formal Sciences
- Applied Sciences

To become more detailed soon.
Tags based on ‘expereince’ and ‘interest’ to be added soon.

Kimia Witte 

︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Bio - PhD in Biomedical Engineering, BSc (HONS) in Molecular & Cellular Biology with Biotechnology, BA (HONS) in Fine Art 

I enjoy occupying the in-between spaces, in particular the space in-between science and art.

Experience in stem cell research, microfluidics, synthetic biology.

Interested in landscape reading, non-verbal communication, knowledge creation & exchange.

Bahareh Mansoorian

︎ ︎ ︎ 
Bio - PhD in Clinical Nutrition, MSc in Clinical Nutrition, BSc in Nutrition, Dietetics, Chemistry & Zoology

I enjoy science most when it's inclusive, and when different perspectives are integrated to provide a more comprehensive picture.

Experience in nutrition, gut microbiome, food matrix interactions, metabolomics, and proteomics. 

Interested in gut, oral & skin microbiome, thyroid function, antimicrobial compounds, sustainability, health equity, public engagement, learning techniques, and science communication.

Iona Geddes

︎ ︎ ︎
Bio - (MEDes) Master of European Design

I want to explore how human-centered design can be integrated into the scientific process, engaging and involving the public from the beginning.
Experience in user research, service design, UX design, engagement design.

Interested in learning more about microbiology, materials and sustainable systems.

Siena DeBartolo 

︎ ︎ ︎
Bio - (MDes) Transformation Design, (BDes) Graphic Design

I am excited to explore and help facilitate meaningful/ lasting collaborations — which can be sustained into the future.

Experience in user research, information visualisation, project management.

Interested in experimental sculpture, urban foraging, and the differences between space and place.

Emmanuel Salifu

︎ ︎
Bio – PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, MSc in Environmental Engineering, BSc in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

I enjoy discussions about all forms of ideas, from the most basic to the grandiose, whether philosophically or aimed at solving global challenges.

Experience in biogeotechnics, construction microbial biotechnologies, bioremediation of contaminated lands, soil and water conservation.

Interested in supporting the achievement of the sustainable development goals, public and science policy, public engagement, playing musical instruments, reading about general topics, board games.  


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